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    Re-educating the DCT
    on: Sep 17, 2023, 10.57 am
    Sep 17, 2023, 10.57 am
    Right!  The bike has this horrible habit of rushing thru the gears in D.  Everyone knows the fault, everyone complains about it, then just rides the bike S2, or M, to compensate.  I find that if I'm highway speeds (100kph) then D is all good.  It's only in town (50kph) where its STILL all good, but 5th and 6th are too much...

    I have a Power Vision 3, which I used on an Indian FTR1200s, to flash the ECU so it would run properly when its cold (the OEM bike doesnt do that...), and it appears that there is a cable that runs "CRF1100 <> PV3".

    As I understand this, The engine, DCT, ECU, OBD connector are the same from CRF1100 to NT1100 (to CMX1100?), so I could use that CRF cable on my PV3 to Connect?

    If I can connect, and the DCT can be re-educated, the PV3 can pull the OEM ECU image off the bike, and that can be "tweaked" so the gearbox...  IN DRIVE... in URBAN mode...  only uses the bottom 4 gears.


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    Re: Re-educating the DCT
    Reply #1 on: Sep 17, 2023, 03.35 pm
    Sep 17, 2023, 03.35 pm
    I suppose the question is; can the PV talk to the TCM.
    I expect the shift-point table to reside in TCM ROM (EPROM if you are feeling lucky).

    Usually these thing (PCs etc) interupt the Fuelling cycle - sometimes by only throwing the A/F sensor output (input to the ECU). 

    I don't care if anyone wants (D) S1-3 that's up to them, but please Mr H let it resume where you left off - everything else does.