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2.0 years ago I sold my 2018 XADV and placed an order October 2021 for a new 2022 XADV (to upgrade to the newest revision as its a great motorcycle too). But sadly after waiting over a year I gave up and placed an additional order for an NT1100. I would take which ever comes first. After waiting another 5 months I finally got the NT1100. (No regrets) Then sold my BMW F900XR as the NT1100 displaces that nicely. I'm 70 yrs old so catching up with you soon!  :008:
Thanks for the response. I still have my 2018 NC750x DCT and I just bought a 2022 Gold Wing DCT out of frustration of waiting for the NT which is really unlikely to be here in 2023. I really like the Gold Wing but it is a very heavy bike and the NC is still the best bike I have ever had. If Honda was to just apply a few tweaks to that bike it would be really a keeper. Ah well. I just turned 76  and I might age out of motorcycle riding altogether before the NT ever shows up.
NT1100 Main Chat / Re: Cancelled my NT1100 order
« Last post by Sunrise.jak on Yesterday at 05:07 pm »
Hi Art, Fair enough! I prefer the sport/tour style of the NT1100. However, if the Africa Twin is in consideration it has quite a bit better suspension. I've been doing a lot of touring around Thailand on the NT1100 and the suspension in my estimation is just "OK". Bordering mediocre. The Africa Twin suspension handles those chores much better. I have an aftermarket shock on order that I hope improves the ride compliance. Not many people complain so I wonder if my stock shock is below par with marginal damping. Anyway, the overall platform is really good be it AF or NT or manual or DCT. Good luck.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Scottoiler Vsystem
« Last post by LongRanger on Yesterday at 03:22 pm »
I use the MOTOBRIIZ on my Africa Twin.  It oils only when moving forward fast enough for air to pressure the feed tube and is adjustable.


I was able to fish the tubing through to attach beneith the headlight without removing any body parts using patience.

ebay link - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165366939301

I changed the x4 screws on the assembly plate (M6x6mm) to stainless as the originals rusted very quickly
NT1100 Main Chat / Re: Cancelled my NT1100 order
« Last post by Art on Yesterday at 11:28 am »
First things first, I need to get out on a DCT test ride and the local dealer here is reluctant to allow winter test rides. So I may have to hold off until April.
As above European Union (EU) motor vehicle standards are different to the USA, or is that the US motor vehicle standards are different to the rest of the world? I also suspect US motor vehicle standards differ from state to state. All of which will have some bearing on why Honda, and other manufacturers, don't launch new models in the US and why they only introduce tried and tested top selling models to the USA.

I remember in the late 1960's the USA revised motorcycle standards and Tax Laws to bias the market place towards US manufactured motorcycles. For example, banning motorcycles with right foot operated gear levers and revised higher import duties on all motor vehicles. The idea being to protect a failing US motor industry.

BTW despite Brexit and the United Kingdom leaving the EU we are still tied to the EU motor vehicle standards and will be forever more.
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Battery performance
« Last post by Art on Yesterday at 10:46 am »
*Originally Posted by NTInatore [+]
...I just wanted to say that the nuts on the battery screws also turn and I therefore used a screwdriver to block the nut...

I see. Battery terminal nuts and bolts come in different sizes for different size battery terminals.

M6 bolts with a 10 mm head (spanner size) with either an 11 x 8 mm rectangular nut (good fit, won't spin) or 10 mm hexagonal nut (loose fit, sometimes spin).
M5 bolts with a 8 mm head (spanner size) with either a 7 x 5 mm rectangular nut (loose fit) or 8 mm hexagonal nut, the 8 mm hexagonal nuts (good fit).

I suspect either you have the smaller M5's, if that's the case I'd change them for M6's; or you have M6's with a 10 mm hexagonal nut, if that's the case I'd change the nut for an 11 x 8 mm rectangular nut. Note too, the bolts come in different thread lengths the standard thread length is 12 or 13 mm and suitable for adding one or two additional ring terminals, if you need to add more ring terminals (not advisable) you'll need the longer 15 or 16 mm thread length.

The hexagonal bolt heads also have a cross point head, the idea is you fit the bolt with ring terminals attached using a No2 screwdriver then nip it up using a 10 mm spanner or socket.
*Originally Posted by Valves [+]
Got from ebay. Rest my ankles on them so I can stretch out my legs fully

Nice pegs!
Would you be so kind please to give  us  a ink  for them?
Thank you!
Very Cool. Thanks. I think I see these in my future.
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