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NT1100 Main Chat / Re: Security
« Last post by Kyronix on Today at 11:08 pm »
WOW!!! That's some serious security! Where do you live? The crime capital of the world haha

For myself it's a back of the house concrete garage with roller and alarmed. The bike is alarmed I then have another roller door at the end of the side passage, then at the end of the drive, lockable and alarmed gates.

Which sena unit is it you are using?

30k, 20s, 50?

You may have to delete the pairing from the phone, and you could try connecting the unit on the GPS setting?
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Oil Filter Change Interval
« Last post by 3DKiwi on Today at 07:31 pm »
I agree. Filter every oil change.
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Oil Filter Change Interval
« Last post by Stoke-NT on Today at 07:30 pm »
I didn't think of that, Kyronix.
I still agree with Honda that the oil filter doesn't need to be changed. But I agree with you that the old filter will be full of dirty old oil.

I have decided to get a new filter.

how to connect intercom Sena Mesh BT 5.0 with Honda NT1100?
It looks like Honda does not see the intercom. Maybe I do something wrong way?
So what I've tried so far? First I connected Sena to iPhone just for software update using app. Then turn in off. Also I turned off BT in the iPhone. I removed all audio BT connection in Honda. Then I start the engine and in the menu I initiated BT pairing with head set. Then I turned on Sena. It should start looking for a connection. But nothing happens.


Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Oil Filter Change Interval
« Last post by Kyronix on Today at 05:10 pm »
For me I am with the dealer, I have always changed the filter whenever i change the oil, just makes sense to me, as you will be mixing new oil with old oil, which in my eyes will shorten the lifespan and reduce the effectiveness of the new oil,I may be completely wrong but just my way of thinking

Also it's only a tenner haha
Maintenance and Servicing / Oil Filter Change Interval
« Last post by Stoke-NT on Today at 04:39 pm »
8,000 mile service in two weeks.
Honda says new oil every 8,000 miles and new oil filter every 16,000 miles (see page 229 of the owner's manual).
That's good enough for me.
But my Honda dealer advises putting on a new filter every 8,000 miles. He says it's only another £10 on the cost of the service. And implied that if I cared about the bike I would do it. New oil, new filter.
I think it's just a waste of £10. If a new filter was needed every 8,000 miles then Honda would recommend it. It's not the 1970s any more when engines had sludge full of metal filings in the sump! Remember that?

But what do you guys think?

For Sale / Wanted / Google Pixel LTE Watch
« Last post by Kyronix on Yesterday at 05:11 pm »
Hey Guys,

I have a brand new unopened Google Pixel LTE Watch, in black.

Unwanted free gift from when I ordered my phone.

This is the 4G LTE model, which if you want to you can purchase a sim card to put in and use the watch without your phone.


It comes with two different sized straps and a charging cable.

It is £379 brand new, I am looking for £300 posted.


NT1100 Main Chat / Re: DCT lack of smoothness
« Last post by NT_Rich on Nov 24, 2022, 06.07 pm »
I'm now 9000 miles in and have got used to the bike and it's fuelling and I keep mine in sports 2 and on tour mode even with the delightful 110 mile commute yesterday in torrential rain.

It is a do it all, no nonsense bike, easy to handle and ride and a pleasure on long distance even if the weather wasn't and my riding kit gave up being waterproof.

As with all bikes, time in the saddle is what counts and how you adjust to the bike.

Loving it
NT1100 Main Chat / Re: DCT lack of smoothness
« Last post by Matennt1100 on Nov 24, 2022, 05.09 pm »
*Originally Posted by Sunrise.jak [+]
When I first got my NT my first impressions were it was somewhat sedate and relaxing. I got a bit preoccupied with shift-points, rpms/gear, snatchiness etc. I was hyper-focused and almost looking for abnormalities. What I discovered over time as I simply rode more and more assertively is that the issue could have been my sluggish right wrist. After 4000 miles I now ignore the gear position and rpm and in SPII mode just ride at my normal (brisk) pace. The NT simply delivers and responds with better and better behavior. Could be psychological or is the bike "learning me" or I'm just becoming accustomed to its capabilities. But the NT is an amazing performer and gets better with every ride. The initial criticisms seem to have pretty much disappeared. I'm now fully enamored and astounded with just how good this bike is. I think more active use of the "right wrist" (more aggressive or not being shy) has transformed the bike from sedate to big smile providing a great overall experience under all conditions. I find myself telling my wife after every ride, "Geez, thats a great bike"! Her reply is "you told me that already".  :152: So my advice is to "crank it up" a bit more and ignore all the details we've been hyper-analyzing. You'll discover smooth and industry leading competence that just keeps on impressing.  :001:
Won’t say a better review , a good bike needs time / miles to reveal its true nature , I use to say 6000 miles to know, 12000 to love. The NT is a concept of freeing the rider not messing him. That’s what Honda has ever worked for years and soon for a century.
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